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Mobily Fleet Management
Control and Manage Your Company's Vehicles

Manage your company’s fleet movements through Mobily’s "Fleet Management Service" (FMS). This service has been designed to provide customers with ability to monitor and track their company’s fleet movements at any place and time.

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Connect your business the smart way with M2M
Machine to Machine or M2M provides machines the capability to communicate with each other without human intervention. This allows many of your business processes to be automated and streamlined.
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SAP Business One on Demand
SAP Business One On Demand Provides small businesses or subsidiaries of large companies with a single software solution to manage critical business processes in a cloud-based offering.
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Reduce Data Loss with VSR
IBM SmartCloudTM Virtual Server Recovery (VSR) provided by Mobily leverages the cloud to help reduce data loss, improve server failover, and increase recovery speeds in the event of a server outage or failure. 
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Expand Business Collaboration with Telepresence
Mobily Managed TelePresence Service offers the next generation video conferencing technology that empowers enterprises with real time collaboration experience and connects them via a highly enriched service
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